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Fonking Wit Money

Fonking Wit Money


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Released: December 25th, 2016

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1. Intro
2. Wrong Place
3. Take Us Out (feat. Doc Dolla)
4. Like Me (feat. Fe the Don)
5. Bond
6. Middle of Summer (feat. Slap City)
7. Art of War (feat. Fe the Don & Ditty)
8. In Too Deep
9. Hands On (feat. Gwap)
10. King
11. 100cup (feat. G-Dirty)
12. Stagnated
13. Mobfather (feat. Ditty)
14. Want for Nothing (feat. A-One)
15. Bluestreak (feat. G-Dirty)
16. Artificial (feat. Sippa)
17. Talk Money (feat. G-Dirty)
18. Bootsey (feat. Sippa & G-Dirty)
19. Sunroof (feat. Ditty)
20. Young Niggas We Rich (feat. Young Greatness)
21. Fonkin Wit Money (feat. Ditty)
22. Marshall Law