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Unchained Freedom Earned African Descent

Unchained Freedom Earned African Descent


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Released: October 25th, 2013

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1. Intro the Hell 
2. Own Me 
3. Never Too Much (feat. Lil' Rod) 
4. Mo Money Mo Homicide 
5. Pain 
6. Y U Trippin' On Me 
7. Stepping On My Toes 
8. 61 
9. Get It Up (feat. Fe Da Don) 
10. Get It Up Bitch (feat. 6Hunnit & Ditty) 
11. Fall In Love (feat. 6Hunnit) 
12. Ahk Knows 
13. Ancle (feat. Fe Da Don) 
14. Start A Convo 
15. We Hear You (feat. Hen Sippa, Blast Holiday & Moe) 
16. Bitches Today (feat. Lil' Rod & Jaygee) 
17. Come Back 
18. Goin' 
19. No Info 
20. In The Morning 
21. Never Weak 
22. Life I Live (feat. Hen Sippa) 
23. Whitemans (feat. 6Hunnit) 
24. Bearfaced Conglomerate (feat. G-Dirty & 6Hunnit)