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Team Guapale

Team Guapale


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Released: October 28th, 2014

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The Bustdown (Disc One) 
1. Intro 
2. WTF (feat. Ditty) 
3. Red 
4. Don't Like Me (feat. G-Dirty) 
5. Chicken On My Mind 
6. Problem Wit Me (feat. Lil Rod) 
7. Without You (feat. Lil Goofy, 6Hunnit & Boo Banga) 
8. Take It Slow (feat. Lil Rod, Ditty & G-Dirty) 
9. IDK (Ft. Ditty & Mac Tone) 
10. Filthafish 
11. Thought U Was My Nigga (feat. Ditty & 6Hunnit) 
12. Don't Like Us (feat. Bandaide, Nell & Ditty) 
13. Ambitions of a Goer 
14. Mud (feat. G-Dirty) 
15. Connected Like Wifi (feat. 6Hunnit & Fe Tha Don) 
16. Hustle Get Money (feat. Che"D"Ness & Chaotic)
Bag Lady (Disc Two) 
1. Intro 
2. Walk That Way 
3. Sing To You (No Autotune) (feat. Bandaide, Lil Blood & Nell) 
4. 5 Star G (Ft. Sippa) 
5. So Fine (feat. 6Hunnit, Lil Rod & Sippa) 
6. Anytime of The Day 
7. It's Gone Be Alright 
8. Smooth Talk 
9. Since I Met U (feat. Fe Tha Don & Emac) 
10. Perfection (feat. Lil Blood & 6Hunnit) 
11. Team Guapale (feat. Lil Rod) 
12. What It Seem 
13. Drunkin Love (Sippin Allnite) (feat. Lil Rod) 
14. You Mielle (feat. Kiwi Da Beast) 
15. Tell Me (feat. 6Hunnit) 
16. Scratch'n Off (feat. 6Hunnit)